Welcome to Rose Point Farms
Classic Touch Equine Services

We are a small family run farm in the foothills of Alberta... located just east of Olds and Didsbury, Alberta, on Highway 791. Here, we run a herd of 30 red/black angus/charolais cattle and take pride in having them calm and well treated. We are also a distributor for Alfa Tec Hay Cubes, an easy alternative to hay! We are always adding new things to our inventory to keep our customers up on the new trends.  MOST RECENTLY,WE WRE EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO OFFER OUR CUSTOMERS BUCKEYE FEEDS AND MINERALS, through our partnership with RANAMAN RANCHES and most recently EZWASH WANDS, an innovative hose attachment that washes an animal deep while gently massaging. New page is in the design stages now but feel free to call with queries. Rose Point Farms is now selling  Canadian Agriblend Minerals, Fiske's Wound Care, Equine Power 2000, Recovery EQ, SA and Human  and Back On Track! We are most proud of our hand built  wooden frames and embellished  in  stunning western themes, with leather, nails, conchos and other unique trims.

Classic Touch Equine is run by  our daughter Amanda, who is a certified Equine Body Worker through Equinology.... as well as an honors graduate from Olds College, with a diploma in Equine Science Reproduction and Breeding Management. She has experienced and practiced breeding at the prestigious 6666 Ranch in Texas and at one of Alberta's finest, Sandy Ridge  Stallion Station...Now Amanda has started her own family with her husband Randy and the joy of our lives,   two sweet grandsons. Amanda manages our own breeding program with 6 mares and 2 stallions, as well as 4 mini mares and 1 mini stallions.  She has become a fine equine massage therapist, photographer, wife and mother.

We are home to L&L Little Scooter(retired), Enchanted Acres Sir Paladin(miniature),Oh Tao Tie and First Class Crime.

Please have a look around, and if you would like any more information on any of our products, Equine Massages, Alfa Tec Hay Cubes, Horses or cattle for sale, or Stud Services,  don't hesitate to contact us.

CHECK OUT OUR NEW PRODUCT LINE!!!! It's STUNNING, a line of home decore including Leather, Conchos and many other cool things. 

Amanda Wunsch is an Arbonne Consultant and represents Genesis Pure.

Make sure you check out the foal pages as the miniature foals we had this year are ADORABLE!!!! And our quarter horse babies are stunning!